Jed Leiknes Art & Apparel

Select items featuring the artwork of master painter and tattoo artist, Jed Leiknes.

This collection is a way for our family to continue to share Jed's work and keep his art and legacy alive.

You can see his work on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK 

About Jed Leiknes:  Jed was artistically gifted from the time he could pick up a crayon and he followed his talents to become an icon in the art and tattoo communities. He began his tattoo career in 2005 at Skin Prints in Eau Claire and never left. Jed's art career exploded in 2012 when he was noticed by Joshua Carlton and invited to do coveted conventions, like Evergreen, year after year. Rubbing elbows with famous tattooers from coast to coast, Jed was highly respected in the tattoo world and went on to make art appearances in many tattoo art books and magazines. He was given the opportunity to design tee shirts for Sullen and be sponsored by Pound of Flesh. He held his own painting seminar at the Evergreen Convention, designed album covers and was part of podcasts.

Jed began painting about 2007 and his beautiful but haunting pieces of artwork were noticed by Paul Booth and Jed was given the chance to display his works in a solo show in Paul's famous art gallery Last Rites in New York City. Jed's talent is unequaled. He married Amanda on August 28, 2009, together they were blessed with one daughter, Avery. He was a loving brother, friend and incredible dad to his daughter Avery. A beautiful soul, broken at times but hopeful for so long, he found solace and healing through his art and his love for his family and friends. He drew from his pain to create beautiful things. In the end, Jed was overwhelmed by life-long anxiety and depression at the age of 33, December 17, 2017.