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I am often asked how I create my unique alcohol art pieces. I was holding alcohol ink classes and workshops in the public, at libraries and private parties, but due to covid-19, I am not working in the public at this time. I've gathered my knowledge and created these classes to share my methods!

In this class, you will learn how to create beautiful blooms with alcohol inks, similar to what you see in the photos! All but the first 3 are by first time alcohol ink students.

 Check out what we did in the bonus blooms video!

See what class participants are creating HERE

This class will cover:

- Understanding how alcohol inks work
- Getting familiar with using/experimenting with techniques
- Create an alcohol ink bloom
- Creating a center with a 3D effect
- Information on how to seal and protect your art

NOTE: Do not purchase this video class if you purchased the $39 class with supplies - the videos are the same 🙂

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Bonus videos added often!
Let's create something beautiful together!